Australia Day

Australia Day – 26th January 2017.

In present-day Australia, celebrations reflect the diverse society and landscape of the nation, the multiculturalism we share and love. And what a great country that has made us. Australia is one of the most culturally diverse continents in the world.

I’m proud to live in a place that opens its arms to every nationality with happy curiosity and a lust for trying what they have to offer. ¬†Especially food. And here at Austraw we have all the necessary items to help display your dishes and appetisers. Our favourite is our Aussie Flag Picks. Check them out in our online straw and stab a piece of meat with some of these great markers.

One Aussie tradition we all like to practice of course is drinking. So we have prepared a few items as a special this January. Have a look at our Aussie Coasters. Perfect for the home bar, cafe, bar, and the good old country pub. Let em know your proud to be an Aussie. Of course you’ll be wanting to put your beer or drink on this Coaster. And cold drinks are always the best. So we have some Stubby Coolers for the Beer Lovers and some Washington Coolers or Conical Coolers for the spirit or softdrinkers. Love a cold beer on a hot Aussie Day.

And lets not forget the kids. We have a great range of straws the critters can sip their drinks from all in Aussie Colours. Our Twisted range will particularly tickle their fancy with three colours all twisted in the one straw. Check out our Red/White/Blue straws or our Green/Gold/Clear Straws.

Get in quick – the sale ends end of January.
We will keep selling these items after this date, but the bargains end 31 Jan.