New Gelato Tasting Spoons Arrive

Austraw has released a new Gelato Tasting Spoon. And it’s in stock now.

We are very excited about this new product as we think it fits into the market in a section that has been overlooked for a while. The tasting section. Sized perfectly for ‘just a bit’ of a product this spoon will portion out how much your customers take from your sample bowl.¬†Use them at trade shows or in your cheese factory for those drop in customers that want to try before they buy.

With a length of just 96mm and a scoop of 11mm this spoon is great for smaller portions.

It’s the perfect size for gelato cups, take longer to eat – make the customer linger longer over the delicious taste of your sorbet, ice-cream or gelato. It’ll make the experience more enjoyable. The square flat edge of the spoon also allows people to get right into the edges of those tiny containers.

There are so many ways in which this tiny spoon can be used. Suitable for hot dishes, cold food dishes, desserts, gelato and ice-cream, taste testing and special events or outdoor festivals.

Made from plantation birchwood our Gelato Tasting Spoons are eco friendly, disposable and look great.
They are more environmentally friendly than plastic being sourced from sustainable forests and are biodegradable.
Help make an impact on the Earth while you also make an impact on your customers.